How can we connect you?

We can’t do it alone; our partners provide support for our center as well as our seniors! Our connections in the Muncie/Delaware County Community are at your fingertips!

1st Call to Lifestream

(765) 759-1121 or 211

LifeStream Services’ mission is to improve the quality of life for people at risk of losing their independence. Clients can call for access to a database of senior services, programs, and businesses. Transportation (outside the city limits only) is provided as well as meal sites and care management.

High Street Methodist Church Older Adults

(765) 747-8500

HSMC houses a nondenominational senior group (Update Learning) and a weekly lunch and learn on Thursdays at 11:30 with a cost of $5.

Alpha Center

(765) 286-2800

The Alpha Center’s main purpose is to provide a cheerful environment in which clients can make new friends and take part in programs that give a renewed sense of purpose and meaning to their lives. 

Community Partners

Our board and executive committee work with members of the community such as the City of Muncie Mayor, Dan Ridenour, and the Community Development of Muncie to create connections and opportunities for seniors.

Mits Plus

(765) 284-4753

MITSPlus is a door-to-door van transportation service that helps meet the needs of mobility-impaired persons in Muncie city limits. Click to start the two-part application process.

Ball State University

We partner with BSU Cardinals in all forms! Students volunteer at the center, and professors and their classes work with seniors to improve and enrich everyone’s experience.

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